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What is the Difference Between a Real Estate Entrepreneur and an Investor?

Posted by admin on September 14, 2017
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An entrepreneur in real estate and an investor are very similar. They both utilize real estate as a vehicle for investment that helps them to generate not only income but appreciation as well as tax benefits. However, there are some subtle differences between the two. We’re breaking down some of the differences between what an investor does and what an entrepreneur does today so you can see for yourself.

An entrepreneur is generally seen as motivated, ambitious, risk tolerant, and more. They will create something out of nothing and jump on opportunities. They are a visionary and even while investing, they remain more than an investor. An investor, at the end of the day, is similar, but they are the person putting the money into real estate and are typically at the beginning stages of real estate.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes time, but here are some quality tips on how you can move from investor to entrepreneur.

Have the right mindset.
This is key to success and overcoming obstacles. You don’t have the benefit of experience when starting out, so it’s important to have your attitude be as beneficial as possible. Commit to learning and making improvements so that you can move forward. The mental habits you take on early could end up sticking with you for a long time, so choose wisely.

Educate yourself on real estate.
This will give you a good foundation as an investor that can help you on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Focus on paying your dues and getting a working knowledge of the industry before jumping ahead of where you’re at. An education can help you immensely, so study up.

Be self-aware.
Of your strengths and weaknesses, and those of others. Evaluate partners or potential partners; don’t just see what you want to see. A good partner is an asset, while a bad partner is a lead weight.

Create good daily habits.
Wake up early and become a morning person. It will benefit you greatly in the long run and that way you’re not running a schedule that really doesn’t work with your long term and short term goals. Create good daily habits and discipline so that you can really go the distance.

Visualize success.
What do your goals look like, and what would it take to get there? Visualizing success can help you build confidence and manifest what you want in your career.

Always network.
Make connections and promote yourself wherever you go! There is an art to it, so try and look into advice on how you can do this.

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